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Who better to attract exceptional marketing talent for your business than seasoned marketing leaders? đź’Ž
Some of the roles we talent hunt for

Growth Hackers

Tired of the resume marathon? They're not your average marketers—these folks are all about thinking outside the box and boosting your business big time.

Marketing Strategists

Our mission? Finding marketing strategists who don't just follow trends; they set 'em. Let's get you a strategy that's as unique as your brand.


Time to kick your advertising game up a notch. Our team knows how to make your budget count. We find the ad experts who'll skyrocket your ROAS.

SM Managers

Our candidates excel in content creation, audience engagement, analytics, and trend monitoring, ensuring your brand's online presence shines.


Our talent acquisition team specializes in identifying visionary marketing and growth leaders with extensive marketing experience and a deep understanding of business operations.

Content Marketers

In today's digital world, content is king, and we've got the kings and queens of content creation. They know SEO, storytelling, and how to keep your audience coming back for more. Let's win the internet together.

CRO Specialists

In the online world, your website is your web, and our CRO specialists are the spiders weaving strategies that'll ensnare conversions. Let's spin a success story together.

Brand Managers

Win the long-term game. We connect you with candidates who possess the expertise and experience to elevate your brand, connect with your audience, and drive lasting success.

talent hunting

On the hunt for your next
Marketing ace? We've got this.

Here's what sets our Talent Marketing solutions apart from other providers:
  • Talent vetted solely by Marketers: With a team of marketing veterans, we’re adept at carefully assessing marketing talent while taking into account the intricacies of their specialized role.
  • Strong passive network: With nearly two decades in the Marketing industry, our passive network is vast and includes some of the world’s top Marketing professionals.
  • Skin in the long-term game: Our monetization model is strategically and purposefully aligned with our clients’ long-term interests (talent retention), ensuring we only succeed when you do.


You repeatedly emphasize the excellent quality of your vetting process. What sets it apart?

Our standard operating procedures and workflows are firmly in place, unlike many other talent and recruiting firms that cut corners to save money. We hold the belief that the current monetization and incentivization system in our industry is flawed. With the advent of AI, recruiting agencies that fail to focus on what a talent firm should fundamentally be doing—placing quality candidates—will fade into obscurity.

This is not just marketing jargon; we have developed a range of in-house job simulation solutions for Marketing & Sales roles. These simulations are designed to assess the skills and competencies of sales and marketing executives in real-life scenarios, enabling you to identify top performers.

How many talent firms you have worked with or are currently considering are pursuing a similar approach? You likely know the answer.

How long does it typically take to fill a marketing role?

At Noble Swans, we enthusiastically advocate for a proactive approach, recognizing that reactive hiring seldom yields satisfactory results. We are committed to avoiding the pitfalls that other companies in the industry, and their clients, often encounter. Our strength lies in our ability to harmonize our interests with our clients over the long term, enabling us to foresee and prepare for their future hiring needs. We function more like business partners than a mere ‘placement agency. It’s worth underscoring that the time required to fill a marketing position can fluctuate significantly due to variables such as the intricacies of the role, market dynamics, and candidate availability. Our primary commitment is to identify the ideal candidate fit, with an unwavering emphasis on quality, even if it means prioritizing precision over speed. However, we are equally dedicated to streamlining the process without compromising quality when circumstances demand it.

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