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Often overlooked, these customer-facing roles actually play a crucial part in the value-added chain for generating revenue 🤙🏽
Some of the roles we talent hunt for

CS Manager

Customer Support Managers who not only resolve issues but also turn support interactions into customer loyalty and advocacy. That's why you are here.

Account Manager

More like relationship architects, our candidates are skilled in nurturing client relationships, transforming them into strong partnerships that drive growth.

VOC Analyst

Good VOC Analysts go beyond data analysis; they transform customer feedback into actionable insights that drive meaningful improvements. We recruit these folks for you.

Lifecycle Manager

Our Lifecycle Managers understand the entire customer journey, orchestrating experiences that captivate, engage, and retain customers at every stage.


CXOs should be more than leaders; they must be visionaries who sculpt transformative customer experiences that set your brand apart. We attract them for you.

Support Agent

Our Support Agents are more than responders; they're proactive problem solvers who enhance your customers' experience with every interaction.

Service Agent

AI is good, but not empathic, yet. Bring empathy to every customer interaction, ensuring that service is not just efficient but also deeply human.

CX Researcher

CX Researchers that not only uncover insights but also drive actionable recommendations that power exceptional customer experiences.

On the hunt for your next
CX ace? You're in good hands.

Here's what sets our Talent CX solutions apart from other providers:
  • Talent vetted solely by CX leaders: Professionals with extensive CX expertise form the core of our talent evaluation team and will thoroughly assess their peers. An assessment tailored to the intricacies of their respective roles.
  • Strong passive talent pool: With substantial experience in the CX field, our extensive network comprises some of the most accomplished professionals in the customer experience arena.
  • Skin in the long-term game: Aligned with long-term goals: Our compensation structure is purposefully designed to sync with our clients’ enduring objectives, specifically in terms of talent retention. We prosper only when you do, cementing our commitment to your sustained success in CX.
Customer ExperienceRoles


You repeatedly emphasize the superiority of your vetting process. What sets it apart?

Our standard operating procedures and workflows are firmly in place, unlike many other talent and recruiting firms that cut corners to save money. We hold the belief that the current monetization and incentivization system is flawed. With the advent of AI, recruiting agencies that fail to focus on what a talent firm should fundamentally be doing—placing quality candidates—will fade into obscurity.

This is not just marketing jargon; we have developed a range of in-house job simulation solutions for CX roles. These simulations are designed to assess the skills and competencies of your candidates in real-life scenarios, enabling you to identify top performers.

How many talent firms you have worked with or are currently considering are pursuing a similar approach? You likely know the answer.

How long does it typically take to fill a CX role?

At Noble Swans, we champion a proactive approach. We consider ourselves your business partners, working together on a mission to generate revenue and prevent unnecessary expenses. Our talent services are no exception. We excel when we align our interests with our clients’ on a long-term basis, enabling us to forecast and anticipate hiring needs. However, it’s important to note that the time to fill a customer experience role can vary due to factors such as job requirements, market conditions, and candidate availability. We prioritize finding the right fit over speed to ensure a successful match, but we also make efforts to expedite the process without compromising quality when necessary.

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